Open Positions

Postdoctoral fellows

PostDoc Cancer Proteomics
Cancer biology: We currently have thee openings for a PDF with a recent PhD (<2years) and demonstrated expertise in cancer biology / proteomics. Expertise in isolation of cell surface-proteins, proteomics, antibody/CAR-T development and/or bioinformatics are considered an asset. The successful candidate will have a strong publication record in high-impact journals, will be fluent in written and spoken English and have exceptional analytical skills.

Proteomics: We currently have an opening for a Postdoctoral fellow with a strong background in mass spectrometry and proteomics. Expertise in targeted proteomics on the Q Executive platform is of particular interest and experience in cancer biology, cell biology and bioinformatics would be an added plus.

Bioinformatics: We are looking for software / algorithm developers for Next Gen Sequencing / Proteomics data analysis and prediction of mutation / PTM effects on protein function.

Functional cancer biology & proteomics:We seek hands on expertise in isolation of cell surface-proteins and receptor/ligand interactions, proteomic secretome analysis, phosphoproteomics, antibody development and functional cell assays (proliferation, apoptosis, senescence, migration, etc.).

If you have a strong publication record, are self driven and interested in joining our team, please send a letter outlining your research experience, future interests and career goals, your CV and the contact details of 3 references to

Graduate students

There are many exciting wet-lab and dry-lab projects to work on (see research).

We are looking for highly motivated and independent candidates with a passion and curiosity for cell signaling, protein function, proteomics and/or bioinformatics in cancer. You should have excellent experimental and/or programming skills and a solid background in biochemistry, cell biology, proteomics and/or bioinformatics.

I can supervise you in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Bioinformatics, Computer Science , Cell and Developmental Biology and the Genome Science + Technology graduate programs at UBC. You can benefit from the dynamics of a new lab and close (but not micro-managed) interaction with the PI.

If you are interested please send your CV and cover letter with a brief description of your research interests and career goals as well as contact details of references to Feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions.